Concerning Rose

Most recent update: 5 July  2016

I’m Rose, 25 years old, and I live in the South of England. I’m currently in the process of finishing my degree in Archaeology. I’ve been active on pro ana sites since I was 14, and got diagnosed with anorexia a year later. I received treatment, and was deemed ‘cured,’ gained an outrageous amount of weight, until I became obese. My highest ever weight was 106 kilo’s, and I’m trying my utmost to get back down to 55 kilo’s, as that is the last time I felt happy with myself.

I have been living together with my boyfriend, Mike, since September 2012. He is aware that I struggle with food, and is very understanding and supportive. He wants me to lose weight, and get down to a healthy weight, but, understandably, does not approve of the way I have been tackling my weight issues. I play the piano, have been for a good 17 years now. Other than that, I love to read and cycle a lot.

I have been receiving treatment for Boulimia Nervosa, since late September 2015. I am on the road to recovery and would like to have a normal relationship with food and a normal weight. I have phases of binge eating and purging and phases of restriction and over exercise. And sometimes phases of normal eating behaviour.


Height: 173 cm
Highest weight ever: 106 kilo’s
BMI: 35.42
Current weight: 91.3 kilo’s
BMI: 30.5 – OBESE
First goal: 85 kilo’s
Second goal: 80 kilo’s
Third goal: 75 kilo’s
Fourth goal: 70 kilo’s
BMI: 23.39 – ”Healthy”
Fifth goal: 65 kilo’s
BMI : 21.72 – ”Healthy”
Sixth goal: 60 kilo’s.
BMI: 20.05 – ”Healthy”

Ultimate goal: 55 kilo’s
BMI: 18.38 – DONE

Feel free to introduce yourself!



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