Most recent update: 05 July 2016

I think almost every person has a number of goals they wish to achieve in their lives. Some of those goals are short-term, others taka a while to achieve. I have quite a bit of very diverse goals. I have weightloss/exercise goals, study goals, eating goals, and the plain old wish list. This page is where I write it all down, to keep track of my goals, and tick off those that I have achieved.


– Be below 90kilos (187.4 pounds)  before the end of July 2016
– Be below 85 kilos (165.3 pounds) before September 2016
– Be below 80 kilos (176 pounds) before October 2016


– Until I’m allowed to exercise again, walk for at least 30 minutes every day.
– Once I’m allowed to exercise again: Follow the ”Running for Dummies” scheme.
– Cycle every day (depending on weather.. Autumnal storms and living 500 metres from sea don’t mix with cycling:P)


– Keep on top of my homework
– Make notes during lectures
– Achieve a first for my degree
– Study at least 4 hours a day outside of classes


– No more than 1500 calories netto


– New digital scales: DONE – July 2014
– Decent blender: DONE – Christmas 2014
– Hand blender: DONE – Christmas 2014
– Kitchen apron: DONE – Christmas 2014
– Stopwatch: DONE – Christmas 2014
– Planters for my little vegetables for start 2015: DONE – March 2015
–  Curling iron: DONE – October 2015


– Passed August ’14 resit exam
– Passed resit essay August ’14
– 2014 Autumn term, grades above 60%
– Get a first for my Applied Anthropology unit Autumn ’15

I will keep this list updated regularly. Date of most recent update can be found at the top of this page. I’m always open for suggestions, so if you have any, feel free to respond 🙂