Hello again

It has been ages since I last posted something here. I am still working on my Master degree, I passed the taught part of it with Merit, but in the middle of it I had a huge mental breakdown, so I dropped out for a while. I returned to it now, but as it has been a year I no longer get student finance, so I am struggling quite a bit money wise. I am on 120 mg of Duloxetine a day, but have not really been taken them regularly. It turns out I am lactose intolerant, so I have to have the lactose free version of the pills.

Food wise I have been all over the place. From eating everything I can get my hands on to restricting. I’m almost back at my heaviest, so not doing great. I hope to post here regularly again and use it for some accountability of some sorts, hoping that that is gonna help. I am going to try some real time food monitoring, to see if that works and helps with going back to a semi normal eating pattern.




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