Only one day left of this year. I always get a bit pensive around the end of the year. Thinking about what I have and have not achieved these last 12 months and all that. I found my 2016 bucketlist the other day, whilst I was cleaning out the spare room. I have only managed to tick one thing off… Which I initially thought was kind of sad, but the thing I ticked off was graduating with a grade above 65%, and considering everything that happened this past year, I think that is a considerable achievement. I try not to focus on the stuff that I didn’t accomplish. I gained a whopping 10 kilos compared to this time last year… I asked my boyfriend why he loved me the other day and he said that I make it very difficult for him to love me, and that he could not think of any reason why he loved me.

And I immediately relate that to being overweight and depressed. So for 2017 I aim to go hardcore again.


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