My master degree is well on it’s way. The exams are now every other Monday, as our group is too big to do one every Monday. I’m having a bit of a relapse, and have had quite the binge period. I’m back at 96.9 kilo’s, which is really frustrating, but at the present time my focus has been on not bingeing. I’ve now not binged for over a week, which is good. My exercise is also going good, I’m cycling lots. My other half has asked me to Paris.. Very romantic, I first thought, until he mentioned that it’s a charity bike ride!! I was quite mad at him for making it sound so romantic, but now I’ve gotten over that I’m actually quite looking forward to it. I’ve started training for it. Apart from cycling to uni I try and do a 50 mile bike ride each week, when I have time. I am struggling a bit to combine my university work with my part time job, but since the Brexit vote, the pound has gone down massively, which means that I get more pounds for my student finance, which comes in euro’s. So I can afford to quit my job. I have handed in my notice a fortnight ago, and this will create more time in the weekend I can spend with my other half, on my studies, and on my cycling.

My graduation ceremony is next Thursday, November 10th. My mother and stepfather are coming over from Holland to watch me graduate. I’m rather nervous, England seems to be more uptight about these things compared to Holland!

Autumn is also here! I love autumn, I live about 150 metres from the sea, so we get proper cold winds! But the changing leaves make the university campus look like it belongs in an episode of Gilmore Girls (Speaking of which, more episodes coming for that at the end of this month!)

I still attend ‘the loony bin’ as I affectionately call it. Staff is great and so helpful. We’re trying to come up with a different way for me to cope with stress, as I always seem to go back to purging and bingeing when I am stressed. Really annoying, as I always perceived myself to be perfectly capable of dealing with stressful situations. And doing a masters degree is naturally quite stressful. I am properly planning everything carefully though, so far so good, I don’t want to do late nighters anymore haha! And so far I am performing well. On my first Human Functional Anatomy exam I achieved 83 per cent! The Hermione in me was disappointed that it wasn’t 90! I know realistically speaking I need to lower my standards. Anything over 70 is a distinction, but I don’t want to do just well, I want do be extraordinary!


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