It’s been an interesting few weeks. I realised last week I was not going to finish my dissertation on time so I decided to suspend my studies. When informing the university of this decision, I got told they would not accept it. Instead they gave me another extention till the end of August, so I now do believe I have half a chance to finish my degree. Food wise I seem to finally 100 per cent have come to the decision I want to beat this whole eating disorder shit. My only problem with that is that I am overweight and need to lose weight, and that losing weight is really triggering for me to then go into a restrictive phase. So, baby steps, I’ve decided I need to have a minimum of 700 calories netto each day and a maximum 0f 1500 calories netto, depending on the level of activity of that day.

I also need to stick to a proper meal time structure again: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, rather than restricting till dinner and binge in the evening. I’d like to think I know where my weak points lie now, and, more importantly, how to tackle them.

Mike and I have moved around the living room a bit, and put my piano, that was in the spare bedroom, back in the lounge; I’m very happy about this as I play it more now, and I really need it to relax and unwind.


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