I have not purged for a while now, something I’m incredibly happy with, and especially proud of. Binges also seem to be a thing of the past. So I can definitely say I have made massive progress since the start of this year. I am allowed to participate in moderate exercise again, which means I can slowly start building up to running alongside the squats/situps and little weights I can use at home.

Except my boyfriend still seems really concerned about everything to do with my eating stuff. Which is nice, but also really frustrating as he is not happy with me doing exercise, and insists that I maintain weight, despite the fact that I am still a good 10 kilos/ 22 pounds overweight. And I am desperate to lose it! With a healthy eating pattern AND plenty of exercise. It almost makes me want to lie to him again about my eating and exercise behaviour. Eat less during the day and say I had a big meal to avoid a 600 calorie dinner. But I know that is tricky, as that can cause me to slip back in bad habits again. It’s  just so frustrating that I now have sorted my eating behaviour out and can’t continue on to healthy weight loss. In other words: I’m stuck. And I don’t know what to do about it.


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