Day 1

Today is Day 1. Day 1 of where it is supposed to all improve from now on. Today I got prescribed antidepressants. Citalopram. For 28 days, to see how I get on. I looked them up. They are the worst when it comes to weight gain. And this frightens me. But not as much as the continuous thoughts of ending it all. So I chose the lesser of two evils.

Doctors say that, when you start taking antidepressants, it gets worse before it gets better. So I’m going to blog about this. To keep me sane and to keep me from doing something stupid. I am still in the process of making a list of things I would like to achieve in 2016. I don’t want to call them ‘New Years Resolutions’ because no one ever sticks to them anyway. And I don’t want to be like that. I want to reach my goals for 2016. I just need to figure out what kind of goals.


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