Soup and sadness

I decided to no longer follow the HSG diet, as the calorie amount just is quite a bit higher than I’m comfortable with. So I’m carrying on with a limit of 600-900 calories, depending on how active my day is. I’m also planning on making LOTS and LOTS of soup, and not eat a lot of solid food, apart from fruit, as I use that as snacks these days.

Also just had a rather, well, painful conversation with the boyfriend. He said that he finds it hard to deal with me at the moment. Because of the food stuff.. He knows that I struggle and am in treatment for eating disorder, so I am normally fairly open with him about the amount of calories I’m eating. He wants me back on 1500, and stop losing weight for now, and I said I didn’t want that (Seriously, at 190 pounds Im still massively overweight!!). Feels very much like it’s time to hide the whole weightloss thing again, and play happy for him, as I do for the outside world. I get him though, as I probably would find it difficult too if I were in his shoes, but I really liked the fact I could be honest about food with someone in real life, rather than online.


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