The HSG diet is going really well, I’m having no difficulties at all sticking to the amount I’m allowed to eat. If anything, I’m almost struggling to get to the allowed amount! And I’m down to 85.4 kilo/188.3 pounds! Only little over 10 kilo/22 pounds till I am no longer overweight. The running for dummies scheme is also going well, so I feel like I am really making good progress. If I keep going the way I am now, I will most definitely be below 85 kilos/187.4 pounds before the start of December.

I’m quite afraid of December, with all the holidays.. I used to say ”Oh, I’m hard core, I’ll keep losing weight in December!” but now I would be happy if I am able to maintain weight.. I would love to be below 70 kilos/154.3 pounds before my birthday at the end of March. I know that the more weight I lose, the slower it will be going, and I don’t know anymore what is realistic. How much weight would I be able to lose before my 25th birthday? I have spent most of my early 20’s being overweight or obese. I would love to spent my late twenties at a beautiful weight. In my ideal world, I’d be below 60 kilos/132.3 pounds before the end of March, but I’m afraid that is wishful thinking. I can only do my best to get there!


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