HSG Day 1

Yesterday went surprisingly easy. I decided to delay having breakfast and did day 1 of my Running for Dummies scheme. That was harder than expected, which is a bit disappointing since it really isn’t that intensive. But I suppose the no breakfast, and still regaining stamina after surgery makes it more difficult for me. The calorie limit yesterday was 900 and I ended up on 762 calories, so that’s well within the limit. I also weighed in at 87.1 kilo’s (192 pounds) this morning. Which is 0.4 kilo’s (0.9 pound) lighter than yesterday. This makes me rethink the whole ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ because clearly intermitting fasting works for me. So I’ve put a bit about this on the Weightloss 101 page, should you be interested.

I’ve decided to skip breakfast as well today, and walk to my doctors appointment (yay, exercise:P) The plan for the rest of the day is have 2 riveta crackers for lunch, and fruit as snacks. I’ll need to have a look in the fridge to determine what dinner is going to be.


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