First post-op run!

Today I went for a run. The first run I’ve been on since my surgery. On the beach. And it was hard. Really intense. I have no stamina left. At all. I struggled and had to give up after 1.67 mile… Only burned 225 calories, so that was disappointing as well, but I suppose I have to start somewhere. I did have a lovely view, as it was very low tide and the sun was going down. Sandbanks is a beautiful area. I’m so sad I did not manage more. I’ve been walking lots these past 2 weeks, and really hoped to turn it up a notch, as next week I want to start my Running for Dummies scheme. I have to absolutely work it to have any chance of being below 85 kilos (187.4 pounds) before December… I’m working all weekend. Tis only a part time job in a supermarket. Stocking shelves and being on till on the Saturday, and run the bakery on the Sunday. I did day 4 of my 30 day Ab and Squat challenge twice today, plus another 50 situps. And plan on doing some crunches before bed time. I looked at my before photo I made for the 30 day challenge. I really, really hope to see some improvement when the 30 days are over. Wish I could fast forward time!


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