Walking and failing

I had half of my leftover risotto for breakfast today (144 calories) and ate nothing else the entire day until dinner. I walked a lot today, 852 calories worth of walking. And then messed it all up when we went to the shop for dinner. Boyfriend was not happy with me only eating 144 calories, so got me a margarita pizza. And I ate it. The whole 580 calories of it. And it didn’t stop there. Also had a WHOLE slice of chocolate cheesecake (325 calories). Making my total a very disappointing 1049. Admittedly, I did walk, so netto cals is 197, but it could have been so much better. I weighed in at 86.9 kilo’s this morning. (191.6 pounds). And if I weigh the same tomorrow morning it will be a miracle.

I feel so bad about myself today. Had a bit of an argument with boyfriend in the supermarket as he is upset that I’m restricting. I just wish he’d see the good bit, I am no longer purging. That is such a massive victory! And with weighing in at 86.9, the 85 kilo’s is so close… I wish I could reach it before December, but that means no more mess ups like today…

I’ve done day 3 of my 30 day challenge as well, and hope to put in some more situps and crunches before bedtime… And hope that tomorrow is a better dan than today..


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3 Responses to Walking and failing

  1. Elle says:

    keeep going!!!!!! I weighed in at 35 kg!!! We’re doing great!!!!!

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