Walking in the rain

I ended up burning 348 calories on my walk. About 10 minutes in it started to rain, and despite my lack of raincoat I decided to carry on. So I’m quite pleased with that. What I’m less pleased with is the amount of calories I ate today. 1121 in total. I suppose it is still under 1200, so that is a win.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. I’ve been following treatment for my bulimia since late September. I do want to be able to leave all the messing with food behind. But I also want to be not overweight. And I also want to be underweight. It is all very double.. I am completely honest during my sessions there. Part of me wonders why I keep reverting back to this behaviour of messing with food. The other part, the one that at the present time is in charge, just wants to continue till Im skinny…


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