Down it goes!

87.2 this morning, 0.5 kilo’s less than yesterday! Much excitement, FINALLY IT IS GOING DOWN! Not exercising is so hard! I know I’m doing the Ab & Squat challenge, but that does not feel the same as a good 40 mile bike ride when it comes to exercise. But at least the weight is going DOWN! I really hope to be 87 kilo’s or less by tomorrow… Still have day 2 of my challenge to do. Apart from that I’ve done absolutely nothing today, other than get dressed. I’m on 555 calories at the moment, so staying below 1000 is easily doable. Not sure about dinner yet, but I do have half a bag of spinach that needs to go, and that contains next to no calories. Which leaves enough for an evening treat of hot chocolate. (Yay!)

It’s also finally stopped raining, so I can go for my daily walk. CAN’T WAIT till I’m allowed to properly exercise again!


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