The Start

So… The Start. Capital S. It seems that the general anaesthetic from my surgery a couple of weeks back has reset my metabolism. It’s a lot quicker than before my surgery. Which is reflected in my weight. It’s finally going somewhere. But I do need to make a plan concerning food. How I want to do it this time round. I want to prevent my body to go into starvation mode, so I vary my calorie intake, between 800 and 1200 calories a day, and since I have an outrageous amount of fresh mint in my herby patch, I drink a lot of mint tea. The other important thing is that when it comes to spreading out the calories over a day, I will try to have more calories in the morning and fewer at dinner. I’ve noticed that if I do that, bigger breakfasts and smaller dinners, I tend to lose more weight. I suppose it makes sense, as later in the day the metabolism slows down. And perks of a bigger breakfast is that I actually have a wee bit of energy throughout the day to get shit done. The only difficult thing is the evening, after dinner. I tend to drink lots of water or tea then, to fill me up. Tea and honey works good as well^^.

– Vary daily calorie intake: between 800-1200 calories.
– Bigger breakfasts, smaller dinners
– LOTS of WATER: At least 3 liters a day.
– Herbal tea
– For now: Every day at least 30 minutes walking.

As soon as my doctor gives me the OK for exercising again, I’ll go back to cycling lots!


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